Backtracked! 💫

Imprints of Impacts Sep 21, 2021

Hold on! Before you scroll down, I hope are doing well and happy as you are always!

When everyone now here is unsure how tomorrow would be like, I came here to take you to a chapter where you and I met. Yes, let’s go back in time!

What were your best times before the pandemic? If I were to answer this question, of course, my answer would be the times with my second family, Rotaract Mora.

She saw her university as a paradise full of dreams. But never imagined she could stand where she is now.

It was January 2019 (Woah time flies!) when a group of senior akkis and ayyas came to our orientation program. Lots of amazing societies and other programs were introduced to these curious newbies. And the fun fact was, we were wondering what society to join and on top of all of that, we were so much motivated by their little efforts. Time passed with so many beautiful memories and suddenly this little girl got a WhatsApp message, “Hey I’m from RotaractMora. Would you like to help me to write a caption?”. (The time I saw this, "Google please help…what should I write for a caption!"🤯)

You might have come across a turning point in your life, which is a sign that you started working to achieve what you realized before. Noteworthy to mention, just the decision of accepting to write my first caption, took myself on a long journey. I remember the times when I was so silent that it was enough for someone to think how calm and innocent this girl is and yes, just like a normal person who smiles and only be talkative with who people she really knows. I heard that majority who are very silent, are very talkative souls from inside! (If you know you know!)😌

Let me get straight back to the point. If you are to rate which club or society best suits you? Which one gives you more benefits? and which one has more fun times? 🤔I don’t think something of that nature exists. A club or society is inside you and you are the person who should interact, build what you expect to give, and get something out of it. From all the amazing clubs and societies out there, RotaractMora takes a special and an important place of my story. I remember the times when I met lots of amazing souls at the very beginning of my Rotaract journey. It all started by joining with the editorial work in the club, writing so many captions, however unfortunately, I did not get the chance to witness the true spirits of amazing souls to pull off massive projects to utmost success🥺🎇(Little bit sad, I know). Lucky enough, I got the chance to be at Maestro 2019, which took me to a world of new friends and a hand full of experiences. Starting from calling for an Uber, going to the wrong place looking at Google maps, and finally getting to the right place was something unforgettable (Phew I was not alone at that moment). The next big memory was RUR’19. I always recall how I worked with three amazing company coordinators for McKinsey and Company and how amazing it was to speak with the company representatives with so much enthusiasm. I started feeling that I’m a part of this family which has so many talented and committed souls.

Ever came out of your comfort zone to say yes to a challenge?

Humbly proud, been appointed as the Secretary of RotaractMora 2020-21 was one of the best things that happened in my life. The moment I started questioning myself whether I am the best fit for this, to the time I started working made me come out of my comfort bubble. From been very new to realizing what a secretary at Rotaract would do to leading and been the backbone of the club, I feel very much contended to see how RotaractMora reach places from running the first-ever virtual career fair to seeing little kids holding a glass of pure water at Dunopothagama and all the way to a glorious RI winner. And the list goes on and on. All these are a combination of hard work, dedication, and late-night calls (a bit of roasting sessions :P) amidst all the testing times.

The one thing I strongly believe about this family is the way they welcome people and make a positive impact on them even when someone feels underestimated, unappreciated, or not believing in the capabilities of oneself. The fraternity evolving here is very much concerned on each individual and never makes them feel departed by any means. And to be fair on what I said, I met a bunch of “can’t be without” amazing people, whom I will never meet if RotaractMora wasn’t a part of my story. I would rather say, I met my second family who encouraged me to do what is impossible, cared the most when times were hard, and celebrated every little achievement. Thanks to Rotaract I found a place to rely on and believe in what you do no matter where you are.

Here’s a bit of motivation from me. 🤗

Life always brings good to you even when you consider it is bad, or when things won’t work out the way you want, doesn’t it? If you feel that you are still on the verge of trying and got a family to push you towards your dream, don’t wait, TRY! You actually do not need to wait until something good finds you and brings you to the place you dreamed of. You must pursue and work for it. As beautifully penned down by a famous 12-year-old young kid at AGT.

I now know my name. I now play by the rules of the game. So, you say, I’m not trying. But I’m trying, to find my way.

Thousands of words are coming to mind, and I hope you found a little bit of motivation, to reach the place you dream of. Simply, with this second family, you will be lucky enough to sail on a journey to remember, learn and cherish in years to come.

Keep smiling and stay safe! ❤


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