“Calling Edges”: Towards fellowship without borders…

International Service Aug 08, 2015

By Rochelle Silva, Project co-chairperson

For someone who thought that Rotaract was only about performing community service with fellow Rotaractors in one’s own club, “Calling Edges” was definitely an eye-opener, and a delightful one at that!

Our journey began in July 2015 when Rotaract Mora began its twin club partnership with Rotaract Club of Bombay Film City. “Calling Edges” was all about connecting with the wonderful Rotaractors from our neighbouring country while increasing the club’s global impact.

RCBF is currently ranked among the top 10 clubs in their district and is one of the best community based clubs. Chartered in 2000, the club conducts several interesting projects including “Drop of Hope” (a blood donation campaign), “Book for Each Child” (a book donation) and “International Extravaganza” (International Service).

8th of August 2015 marked a special event for both clubs! For the first time ever in the Rotaract year 2015/16, the members met face to face via Skype for a joint board meeting. They shared their experiences and made plans for the future.

The journey took a colourful turn when the “Raconteur” weaved the stories of two crowds across the ocean. The joint bulletin allowed members of each club to gain more insight about the projects and culture of the other club.

Day by day we’re discovering how the spirit of service binds us together. The best is yet to come as Rotaractors are eagerly planning more exciting joint projects for next year.


Rochelle Silva

Currently a third year undergraduate in Chemical and Process Engineering, Rochelle is an avid fan of words; no matter whether they are written or spoken. She loves to be involved with a variety of st

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