Ceylon Safari 2017 - Phase 1 - Exploring Dambulla and Kitulgala

International Service Apr 04, 2018

As said by Rtr. Binod Madhubashitha written by Rtr. Udyogi 

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Be brave take risks nothing can substitute experience”

It was dawn when I met these cool foreign friends at the Pettah bus stand. Those friendly smiles drove away my sleepiness and then we started to chatter nonstop. Then we started our first phase of Ceylon Safari towards Dambulla.

Ceylon Safari is an international understanding project which is organized by the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa with the main objective of exploring these alluring aspects while strengthening the international relationships and cross cultural understandings amongst the individuals.

We, Rotaractors of Rotaract Mora, with these foreign Rotaractors started climbing Lion’s Rock. Sweet bananas refreshed our tired bodies while climbing that ancient rock fortress. At the top of the rock they were amazed by the view they could see which directed them to take so many photographs. After we climbed down, the sweet black coffee brought us the energy to make our next move.

It was the Dambulla Cave Temple, our next destination. There Rtr. Nalaka explained lot of facts about our culture, religion and various beliefs which made them aware about Sri Lanka. Though an unpredicted rain slowed our journey we could arrive our rest house in Kandy in time.

Next day, the adventure began. We arrived Kithulgala adventure camp by the morning. Staff members at the camp guided us before the rafting session. Making our tour over stones through ferocious chutes brought us a deadly experience. Sliding over those stones lessen our fear a little. At the end of the amusing day we arrived our destination completing phase 1 of Ceylon Safari successfully.



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