Ceylon Safari - Phase 3 - Exploring the Hill Country

International Service Apr 04, 2018

As written by Rtr.  Lakshan Weerasinghe

26th December 2017: Phase three begins

Phase three journey started in the evening of the day. We reached our first destination at “Rathnapura Saman Dewalaya”, which is one the most popular temples in Sri Lanka. The overseas delegates had a chance to offer flowers to lord Buddha and get to know about the ancient  temple.  In the night we arrived to Ella resort which was a place with nice view.

27th December 2017:2nd day Ella visit

All of our Rotaractors got up in the rainy morning and our resort was covered with mist. From time to time the rain stopped and we saw the Ella rock. After the breakfast we went to see the Nine Arch Bridge. Nalaka and Mary stayed with Ana, who had a knee injury and others went towards the bridge and the climate changed continuously. Everyone enjoyed on the way to the Nine arch bridge. After that we went to climb the mini Adams peak. It was a place with a marvelous view. Everyone decided to freeze the glory in many photographs. Then we ended our journey for that day and started to travel to Nuwara-Eliya. Our destination was Hill paradise in Nuwara Eliya. On that night everyone went on a walk around the Nuwara Eliya town.

28th December 2017:3rd day Nuwara Eliya

After a long sleep, every one got up and had their breakfast. Then we went on a walk at Gregory lake and overseas rotaractos had a chance for shopping. Then we started to travel to Nallathanniya, which was the last destination of our phase. In the cold night we started to climb the Adams peak. It was a bit tough task for every one.

29th December 2017:  Adams peak

When the day began all of us were still climbing the Adams peak.In the morning we watched the glorious sunrise.

Phase 3 of Ceylon Safari 2017 ended with beautiful views and treasured memories for a lifetime.

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