"Feel the touch; share the beauty"...

UN International Days Jan 04, 2022

Sight is the ability to visualize images via the signal information given by the eyes, which is used by the brain to elicit the perception of color, shape, depth, movement, and other features. But about 3% of the global population suffers from an inability to see the world. Because of sight disability, that 3% lacked the warmth and joy from the outer world.

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Until 1824 Louis Braille introduced the Braille system developed after the French alphabet. After he himself became blind at the age of fifteen he experienced how dull and lonely you feel when you became apart from the outer world. So, because of him now millions of people all over the world got the chance to communicate with the world and enjoy and experience the beauty in people and in the environment becoming its own part.

Braille is a code-based system on cells with six dots, making it possible for a fingertip to feel the entire cell unit with one touch and move quickly from one cell to the next. There are 3 levels of braille: Uncontracted braille - a letter-by-letter transcription used for basic literacy; contracted braille – an addition of abbreviations and contractions used as a space-saving mechanism; and Grade 3 – various non-standardized personal stenography that is less commonly used.

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In addition to braille text, it is also possible to create embossed illustrations and graphs, with the lines either solid or made of a series of dots, arrows, bullets that are larger than braille dots, etc. Early Braille education is crucial to literacy, education, and employment among the blind.

Braille’s marvelous aid that opened up a world of accessibility to the blind and visually impaired was recognized by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). In November 2018, January 4 was declared World Braille Day. The first-ever World Braille Day was commemorated the following year and it was celebrated as an international holiday.

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Nobody is 100% perfect, so let’s get together and help each other to create a beautiful world.


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