Friendships Beyond Boundaries - Twin Club Agreement with Rotaract Club of Nicosia

International Service Aug 23, 2018

As written by Rtr. Ruwini Gamarachchi

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs-

We, as Rotaractors, have well understood this concept of team effort and thus work towards making the world a better place disregarding any differences that come our way. Hence, with the aim of creating more companionships in this diversified movement, Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa and  Rotaract Club of Nicosia opened doors for a new friendship beyond boundaries with the Twin Club Agreement.

Being founded on 11th November 1989, Rotaract Club of Nicosia is one of the first Rotaract Clubs to be chartered in Cyprus and the longest standing Rotaract Club in Nicosia.

The main objective of the twin club agreement is to exchange the cultural values of the two countries. We strongly believe that while we remain true to our roots, which certainly includes our values, we need to remain open for new experiences, new ways of looking at the world and new beliefs that may influence our way of looking at the world. Thus, this new friendship that we have made is a good platform to exchange the cultural values of the two countries.

We have already exchanged cultural boxes with each other symbolizing this exchange of cultures. In our cultural box, we included a premium tea set to give them the taste of our world-famous tea, our spices to give them a Sri Lankan culinary experience, along with Pancha Board and beautiful ornaments. In return, they sent us delicious sweets enabling us to taste a variety of flavours from their country and delightful ornaments which truly depicted their cultural values. The matter of international relations is very subtle and exquisite. But these kinds of actions make the relationships strengthen.

Furthermore, we have understood that we can solve current issues in our country by cooperating with other countries. Because of that, with the relationship created by the agreement, we have decided to find out the prevailing issues in both countries and come up with solutions together. It is said most of the important lessons about life have come from recognizing how people from a different culture view things. Since people from a different culture may have completely different perspectives on life than ourselves, they also provide for the most interesting learning opportunities.

To conclude, we hope that this far-reaching friendship erected by the twin club agreement will create a path of well-being for both the Rotaract Clubs and the communities they are associated with.


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