From Unity to Strength - Twin Club Agreement with Rotaract Club of Nicosia

International Service Jan 12, 2019

Operating from more than 150 countries, Rotaract Clubs, as members of the Rotary Family, always strive to serve the community at their best while building up a generation who can face any challenge in their lives. Thus, all the corners of the world are narrowed down to one mission by this wonderful fraternity. May it be local or international, we as Rotaractors strive to make our community a better place for our people to live.

As Rotaract Mora proceeds in our mission to achieve this vision, we have partnered up with numerous parties who are willing to share our vision and walk through this journey together. With the aim of adding more value to this prideful journey, we joined hands with another member of this wonderful fraternity, Rotaract Club of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Proclaiming this bond officially, the Twin Club Agreement between Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa (RID 3220) and Rotaract Club of Nicosia, Cyprus (RID 2452) was signed by the presidents for the year 2018/19 of the two clubs, Rtr. Paveen Perera and Rtr. Constantinos Anayiotos on 30th December 2018 at Colombo with the esteemed presence of the District Rotaract Representative of RID 3220, Rtr PP Amjath Yoosuf.

The Twin Club Agreement will bring the two clubs closer, thus giving better benefits to the communities associated. Further, this bond between two nations will serve to strengthen the cultural understanding of the two communities. Symbolizing this, we have already exchanged cultural boxes which enclosed a variety of items resembling each of our cultures, and such activities which promote the value of the cultures of the two nations will proceed in the future. Realizing the core meaning of the agreement, we also intend to explore solutions to a common problem existing in the two communities.

Addressing the issue of global warming and drastic climate change, a tree planting campaign will be conducted parallel in both countries. With the aim of enhancing cross-cultural understanding, the two countries will do cultural performances depicting their very own cultures and post them in social media. Also, a Joint Bulletin will be done by the two clubs in order to discuss the prevailing issues in both the countries and address common service areas.

As proud members of this international fraternity, we strongly believe that the transformation of the world to a better place can only be achieved by unity and better friendships because wherever there is unity, there is strength!

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