International Service Oct 29, 2015

As told by Rtr.Anuri Herath

“When witches go riding and blackr cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers ’tis near Halloween…….”

“Halloween Night” is the annual Halloween celebration event organized by the Avenue of International Understanding of Rotaract Mora with the objective of enhancing the exposure of rotaractors to the international cultural events. The event is joyful festivity where the rotaractors celebrate the global event of Halloween, with spooky costumes, decorations, fun games and treats until the mid of the night.

The annual event for the year 2015 was held successfully on 29th of October 2015 at the TLM new building from 6.30 pm onwards. Prior to the event, a very eye catching promotion campaign was conducted. Each participant who dared to come to the spooky as well as fabulous event was gifted with a lovely profile picture that carried a water mark of the event.  The event was a great source of fun from the very beginning for all the undergraduates who took part in amidst their monotonous hectic daily routine.

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The participants were mostly dressed in red and black on par with the event theme colors while some brightened the event even more with their spooky costumes as witches, vampires etc. To double the joy of the occasion fun games such as “twin mummies, disgust box etc.” were carried out group wise. The participants thoroughly enjoyed these items and engaged themselves actively in them. The amused crowd also had the chance to enjoy a delicious buffet dinner.

To mark the end of the event the DJ casted the final spell to which all the participants danced till mid night. There was no way escaping the joy. The project was held under the guidance of Rtr. Chamal Kuruppu the director of International Understanding Avenue of Rotaract Mora. The overall event was a huge success and it was chaired by Rtr. Isuru Tharanga and Rtr. Sahan Jayawardana.



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