Happiness Hour

International Service Nov 28, 2015

As told by Sachini Weerasekara

Their princess smiles and pixy laughs brought us great delight and that of course marks a day full of joy and love in everyone’s life who was present at Morawinna children’s home for “Happiness hour”, which was an initiative of Rotaract club of University of Moratuwa.

Morawinna children’s home provides shelter for 25 pre-teen and teen girls who are still schooling. “Happiness hour” was primarily focussed on providing a platform to display their talents and at the same time leaving them with a lifelong experience full of love, joy and warmth.

The event started up with a drawing competition where each girl was provided with the chance to draw anything according to their wish. They sketched eye catching pictures of several things and moments like beaches, Christmas days, Wesak days and so on.

What was next in the agenda was a game through which they and also we enjoyed a lot; musical chairs. We were singing songs and they were engaging in the game. Winners were given away gifts at that moment itself.

After the snacks, it was their time to show their singing and dancing talents. They indeed were violets by mossy stones which are half hidden from the human eye. We were truly contented for making them a platform to perform their skills.

Those few hours we spend with those lovely hearts were able to add a bunch of memorable experiences to our lives which we can look back and be happy about and they were able to tap our sensitivity to the extent which made us leave the place with a tear in the eye…




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