International Mental Health Day

International Service Oct 10, 2023

If you experience persistent feelings of hopelessness, sadness, and helplessness, you’re not alone. Millions of people live with mental diseases like depression. We have to understand that sometimes it's okay not to be okay.

“Mental health problems don't define who you are. They are something you experience. You walk in the rain and you feel the rain. But you are not the rain”

-Matt Haig


People usually hide their mental diseases from society as they are ashamed to share them. Remember health problems should not be hidden and it is really important to have a healthier mind. That is why we have a special day to celebrate World Mental Health Day and it is on the 10th of October. The theme set for the year 2023 by the World Foundation of Mental Health, is 'Mental health is a universal human right'. World Mental Health Day promotes the concept of having good mental health and leads people to uplift their standards and concern about others’ mental health as well.


And also there are some special tips to follow to maintain good mental health. Talking about your mental health and discussing your problems is one of the best methods you can use. But when you are talking just choose someone you trust to talk to. It can be a family member, friend, relative, or neighbor and he or she should be a trustworthy person. Then choose the best place to discuss. It should be a private and convenient place. Always be prepared to accept their reaction no matter what. You can assist others to discuss their mental health problems with you. Always be a good listener without judging them. Consider the place wisely when you are going to talk. Always show that you are interested and attentive to what they are saying. Listen well and ask questions if you need to clarify anything. Instead of telling them what to do next from your point of view, ask them how can you help them. Always be nice to them.

Always engage in some extra-curricular activities without focusing on one thing. Always have a balanced mind. Be with your friends and family and it may bring solutions to your mental health issues. In Sri Lanka, we have institutions like "Sumithuro" to help you. If you are feeling depressed, and if you don't feel comfortable discussing your mental health issues with someone you know, you can meet a psychiatrist.

By following these tips, we can have good mental health and we can assist others to have a good state of mental health as well.



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