International Translation Day

International Service Oct 01, 2023

Every year on September 30, Translation Day, also known as International Translation Day, is observed. It is an annual celebration aimed at acknowledging and valuing the contributions made by translators and interpreters all across the world. This day presents a chance to enhance awareness of the importance of translation in removing barriers to communication, improving cross-cultural understanding, and removing language barriers. The celebration of Translation Day also recognizes the contribution that translators and interpreters make in bringing literature, education, and information to millions of people around the world. The International Federation of Translators (FIT) started marking International Translation Day in 1953. A global association that represents translators and interpreters is called FIT. Since St. Jerome is regarded as the patron saint of translators, they chose September 30th for it to fall on his feast day. St.Jerome was a well-known Latin Bible translator.

The purpose of International Translation Day is to acknowledge and demonstrate gratitude for the hard work and dedication of translators and interpreters. In a world with multiple languages, these experts are essential for overcoming language barriers and facilitating successful communication. Translation is extremely important in many industries, including business transactions, international relations, higher education, and many more in a world that is becoming more and more global. Cooperation and idea exchange on a worldwide level are made possible. The preservation of languages and cultures is encouraged by Translation Day, which inspires linguistic variety. Translators aid in facilitating the accessibility of literature, knowledge, and information for speakers of other languages.

Also, The day of remembrance of St. Jerome, the patron saint of translators, is on September 30, the same day as International Translation Day. The celebration gains additional cultural significance as a result of this historical link.

International Translation Day is formally acknowledged by the UN, which emphasizes how crucial it is for fostering goodwill, mutual understanding, and international development. To increase the effectiveness of translation and the accessibility of information, we should embrace and develop translation technologies like machine translation and artificial intelligence. Today, universities, translation and language-related organizations, and language enthusiasts from across the world celebrate International Translation Day. It offers a chance to consider the value of translation and interpreting in a multilingual, increasingly interconnected global world.


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