When Midnight Keeps You Awake

Blogged Bliss Apr 08, 2023
What if your crush stays with you until the end? - Midnight Sun (2018)

Have you watched an enchanting movie in the dark at midnight when nobody was awake? I encountered such an experience a long time ago with a movie named ‘Midnight Sun’, which was released in 2018. This movie was directed by Scott Speer with the main characters played by Bella Thorne as Katie Price, Patrick Schwarzenegger as Charlie, and Rob Riggle as Jack. Before continuing from here, watch this spellbinding movie, especially at midnight, and then proceed.

Katie Price is a gorgeous girl who is the only daughter of the family, Jack is her father and her mother passed away when she was little. She was raised under the strict conditions of her father because she was the only child. Sometimes she fought for her freedom but eventually, she would understand that the rules and regulations were for her own safety.

Morgan was her childhood friend, and Charlie was her crush since elementary school. Unfortunately, Katie was affected by a physical condition in her body, which only allowed her to go outside at night. I will keep the details hidden to avoid spoilers for you. Furthermore, Katie is good at playing the guitar and writing lyrics, and she loves to play the guitar in the town with an audience.

One day, she got permission from her father and went to the town to play the guitar at night, which was a dream of hers. Suddenly she met her childhood crush Charlie, and she was shocked at that moment, but Charlie didn't know anything about her. From there onwards, they met several times secretly, and her friend Morgan supported them. Katie experienced many wonderful moments with her childhood crush after ages, which she had not been able to experience because she grew up in a strict environment. Also, she recorded her own song in a studio with Charlie's help, which eventually became a trending song.

Finally, her father got to know about their affair, and step by step, he permitted them to have fun. This movie will undoubtedly boost your happiness, and calm your emotions if you watch it in a dark and quiet place!

In conclusion, this movie teaches us that people who come and go at certain intervals in our lives will give us everlasting memories that will last forever and that will mould us to become the person we are today.


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