Road To Ethnic Harmony

Rotaract in Service Oct 12, 2016

Sri Lanka as a multi ethnic country has a diversity of four main religions which add more glamour to the island. The world in which racism is provoked on a daily basis,  it is not an easy task to keep racism out of the young minds and to guide the generations towards accepting and ensuring the co-existence of all religions. In our journey to bridge the gap among religio2ns, we at Rotaract Mora recognized the second phase of initiative ‘COEXIST’, which was unveiled by Rotaract Clubs of University of Colombo, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Arts, somewhat is a need of the hour and our desire to  strengthen the friendship and fellowship among the Rotaract Clubs  made us take time out of our busy schedules to support ‘COEXIST’ phase 2.

I was one of the fortunate fellow Rotaractors to pa1rticipate in this phase at the St.Lawrence’s church, Colombo 06 on 7th of October 2016. The elegant and the peaceful nature inside the church was fascinating. The session had started off with a prayer conducted by the Reverend and continued with a discussion in which the participants got a clear understanding about the history of Christianity and the formation of the Bible. The core values of the discussion were in line with reconciliation of ethnic harmony.

As Sri Lankans, we all must get together to achieve religious harmony through tolerance and mutual respect among all sects in the country thereby making our beautiful motherland even more beautiful.


Paveen Perera

Undergraduate of the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Moratuwa. Secondary education from Ananda college Colombo 10. volunteering can be identified as one of the passions with an ul

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