The Lankan - Hong Kong Harmony and Comradeship - SPATRO

International Service Apr 04, 2016

SPATRO, a project of the avenue of  International Understanding, that connects Rotaract Mora with TOLO Harbour Rotaract club of Hong Kong started its journey on 27th of March 2016. Rotaractors from Mora were more than enthused by the arrival of fellow Rotaractors from across the sea. the whole day was spent with the Rotaractors of Hong Kong sharing stories and enjoying moments. The first on the schedule was the visit to the Independence Square where our guests from Hong Kong were welcomed and the project was officially initiated. Much colour and value were also added to the day with us joining into witness the Down Syndrome day celebrations at Royal college auditorium.


DAY 02

The 2nd Day of Project SPATRO began with exploring the wonders of South. The day was a memorable one for our visitors as they managed to witness the rare beauty of the site as we dwelled through the Galle Dutch fort and also had the rare chance of climbing the Light House due to Spatro team member Charuka Anupama’s effort. From there we headed to Koggala where all who joined managed to capture the historical beauty f the place.


DAY 03

Exploring the wonders of Yala was the first on the list for the 3rd day of SPATRO. Variety of wild life were observed while we strolled through the national park. And POLO harbor Rotaractors were very enthralled by the sights seen. Our journey didnt end there. From there ,we headed to Nuwara Eliya. On the way to Nuwara Eliya we managed to witness the ravishing waterfall, Rawana Ella.


DAY 04

The 4th day of SPATRO began with the memorable visit to Hortain Plains. It was quite a tedious trek for the Rotaractors of POLO Harbor Rotaract Club, nevertheless enjoyable. We reached the spectacular mini World’s End as well as the World End. And then with renewed spirit moved on to the location of Bakers fall. Here we managed to spend some refreshing moments with the cool air and water renewing our tired yet energized spirits.


Certain memories cannot be expressed merely by words. This is one such project that was memorable for multiple reasons and beautiful for this venture strengthen bonds across nation while also touching lives as we voyaged across the country.


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