The Best Way Possible…

Imprints of Impacts Aug 17, 2021
Her Brain Is On Vacation, This Is Her Heart Talking…

First things first, sanity check! How are you doing? Are you happy? Sad? Thrilled? Or confused? And one more simple question. What is the best thing about your life? While you think about that, care to read a very random story?

Once upon a time, in a village far, far away one random girl was born. Like every other kid in her generation what she did in her whole childhood was watching Scooby-doo, Dangaya, Pancha, Ben10, Tin Tin and Soora Pappa again and again until she remembered every ounce of them to the point where she still can reenact scenes to this day. Oh, you don’t trust me? Wait, "මාගේ දෑස දෙස බලනූ. මෙතැන් පටන් නුඹ…වල් ඌරෙක් වල් ඌරෙක්...ඔයා වල් ඌරෙක් ඔයා වල් ඌරා..." I mean who doesn’t remember this right!

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Time flew and she decided that she wanted to study Maths because why not? Did her A/Ls. Tried once and again. And then Boom Moratuwa Engineering! Oh yeah, it sounded like 'bOoM' when it started. Only now it’s kind of like ‘bOiNg’ if you know what she is saying! Just kidding she is absolutely in love with engineering (wink).

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Life has been a roller coaster, life has changed, A LOT. She used to watch cartoons 24/7 even though they don’t make any sense (I'm kidding, I said it here just to be dramatic), now she had to stare at books all day every day even though it doesn't make any sense (now this one here is accurate). Life used to be all simple, however now it’s different, hard, and complicated. Who knows what's next?

But wait, isn't that how it always had been? Life has always been indeed unpredictable. What if we can make life better just by thinking that it's better or seeing the better, or talking better? Could it be simple as that?

Now back to the beginning. What is the best thing about your life? Surprisingly this random girl's answer was “Everything”. Wanna know why?


As much as I want to say that Rotaract Mora is the best thing that happened in my life, I know that every achievement, every failure, big or tiny moment, every incident, accident, or the things I have been doing and telling my whole life has brought me into Rotaract Mora and to this stage of my life. No, it’s not fate, at least not 100% of fate. No, it’s not luck, at least not 100% of luck. It’s not Karma, not 100% percent. It’s who I am and how I want to see the world. You are special and everything that happens in your life is special. If you are happy right now let’s, take a moment to be grateful for everything that happened in your life. If you are feeling sad right now, just wait for the next big surprise because life is trying to give you something good. It might pass you by unnoticed, so don’t let that be the case!

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Look at it like this. In some parallel universe, if I decided to go another way, I won’t meet all the amazing people that I have met in this life. A life without Rotaract Mora would be so empty it won’t even have a purpose. A life without Neth and Ima would be a nightmare, I won’t even know what it means to be there for each other. A life without random therapies from friends through zoom screens would be so grey, I might even forget how to live.

We had it right in front of us all along and it took one year in Rotaract Mora for me to understand. Happiness is everywhere, embrace what you have right here right now. This kind of happiness cannot be broken, even with the most powerful spell in the universe.

So, trust me on this, everything happens for a reason, every little thing in life has its own good portion to it, and sooner or later everything is going to be okay. So, of course everything that happens in life happens in the best way possible!


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