The Sojourn Journal: Memories of the joint GM and visit to Trincomalee

International Service Jan 28, 2016

“Sojourn”, a project to host Rotaract Club of Bombay Film City (our twin club) in Sri Lanka, was held successfully from 2nd January to 10th January 2016. Rtr. Rusiru Madhushan Gurusinghe and Rtr. Pragatheeswaran Vipulanandan share their experiences about some more memories of that wonderful journey

05th January 2016: Shopping and a joint General Meeting!

According to the Indian delegates, the day of shopping was really fun and awesome. They were able to buy products of their interest & were also able to buy gifts & souvenirs for their loved ones. They also loved the refreshments they had along with our Rotaractors. After the shopping session, the General Meeting was held where the two clubs were able to sign a twin agreement which would strengthen the bond of the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa & the Rotaract Club of Bombay Film City. After signing the agreement there were some fun events to which the Indians participated along with our Rotaractors. The bond and the friendship between everyone were strengthened with those fun events.



08th January 2016: Visit to Trincomalee

The trip to Trincomalee started early morning. We reached our destination by evening. All of us had a quick wash and went towards the beach. We spent the night seated around the camp fire; singing songs, playing games, sharing stories and enjoying ourselves. The next day all of us went to the Koneshwaram temple, one of the cultural heritage sites in Sri Lanka. Then we spent our noon time at the marble beach. We started our return journey by night fall. It was a truly enjoyable trip to for all of us.

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