Warm Greetings from RCBF!

International Service Nov 09, 2015

Against the general concept that Rotaract is all and only about Community service, time and time again Rotaractors have stepped ahead to prove that they are more than that.

In July 2015, Rotaract Mora began its twin club partnership with Rotaract Club of Bombay Film City embarking on a journey that surely will be a delight.

RCBF is currently ranked among the top 10 clubs in their district and is one of the best community based clubs. Chartered in 2000, the club conducts several interesting projects including “Drop of Hope” (a blood donation campaign), “Book for Each Child” (a book donation) and “International Extravaganza” (International Service).

Over the past few months RotaractMora have been fortunate enough to interact with these lovely people from across the sea. The rest of the article will let the rest of you know what we have first hand learnt about these wonderful people.

While declaring a shout out to Rtr. Drashti Sangani, Joint Secretary and Editor of RCBF, let me devote the rest of the post to her well versed description of their Board of Directors!


Best Wishes from Rotaract Club of Bombay Film City!!

Priya Nandu – President :

Priya - PresidentThe lady to have the most esteemed collar this year, Priya is an impeccable amalgamation of beauty and brains. She knows how to get work done and is the perfect mascot on face and core values. Her vivacious charisma and effortless leadership skills are sure to take her miles ahead.



Mausam Mehta – Secretary


A blissful soul, a charming nature, Mausam is a force of mystical calmness, marvelous creativity and a never-ending fortitude for the club. Really sweet to talk to, she is generous, diligent and gracious in all the moves she makes. As she seconds the President, she is all ready to rule the roost next year.


Reema Punjabi – Past Secretary

Reema- Past secretary

Reema is a gifted soul or exceptional writing as well as communicating skills. You can actually not move your eye-balls when she is right in front of you, orating at her best always. She’s creative, pro-active , unmatchably exuberant with the personality she carries and above all has a never stuttering focus towards life goals which is enhanced by her meticulous and disciplined nature.

Sonal Jain – Community Service 

1912461_10202294030657598_815412781176537321_oPrefers to keep the finger on her lips and focus on her goals. Her contribution and participation together with her love for Rotaract is omnipresent. Her humility combined with her ‘Never Say No’ attitude is what it takes to call her a silent killer.

Urvi Pandya – Club Service:

urviInitially an introvert, Urvi is now definitely one of the most active members of the club. She is soft spoken , gentle and one of the best seekers ever. Her willingness to always lend a hand along with her ability to perform outstandingly makes her the rising star of the club.



Parth Parekh –PR, Marketing and ISD

Parth - Marketing and IS Director A marketing fanatic, a social butterfly, he is ultrazealous for his targets. An English Series fanboy , he has a knack of making people buy his words without an option. With a pro-active mind and an enviously ambitious spirit , he’s determined to take the club to soaring heights.


Drashti SanganiEditor and Joint Secretary

Drashti-Editor and Joint SecretaryAn ace writer and a genuine hard-worker, she is friendly and reflects herself in the what she pens down. A to-be-engineer but unambiguously opposite, a quick learner, she has an alluring personality, ready to channelize her visions towards new horizons.


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