A Quest With The Best - CAST4 Refraction 2019

Club Service Feb 20, 2019

As written by Tharindu Wickremasinghe

The countdown was finally over with the dawn of February 10th as CAST 4 officially kicked off with its first event; Refraction 2019. The vibe of the day was mystical and magical, as the teams were not just groups, but Nations of the Avatar world.

By around half past nine am, Rotaractors of Rotaract Mora amassed near the Lagaan, eager to make their nations emerge victorious. The background was fittingly hyped with Avatar themed music and kingdom banners depicting the four elements of the nations. After the speech by President, Rtr. Paveen Perera, our brothers and sisters were divided into their respective nations.

The first task was an Energy Blast, with each kingdom displaying their enthusiasm with a roaring ‘Hakka’. Following that were the Nation Tasks, where every team competed in parallel games to set the tone on the points table. The games included classics such as ‘the spoon balance’ and ‘straw pass’, and also had an ‘Avatar version’ of the leg tie race, where each member held a balloon filled with different elements. The teamwork displayed was much more than impressive, as the Earth Nation was quick to devise a clever method to coordinate each member. The Air Nomads were not far behind, and the Water Tribe didn’t give up until the end either, showing their exemplary spirit.

The treasure hunt was just starting, when the teams officially received their very own task maps, with only clues about the next stop-over. At the end of each task, they received a clue to the next part of the map, and a QR code to find the treasure. The Air Nomads were quick on their feet, and making Avatar Aang proud, managed to finish all tasks first and reach the treasure. The other nations were not far off, but the swiftness of the Air Nomads was unparalleled that day. The final key to unlock the treasure was ‘R-O-K-U’; symbolising Avatar Aang’s final key to facing Fire Lord Ozai.

After a hefty run all around the university, the nations gathered around the final stop to celebrate the victory of the Air Nation, and to give each other a well-deserved cheer and applause. A much-needed lunch followed, and the day’s inevitable end accompanied afterwards. All Rotaractors, especially the new faces, got hands-on experience on the Club Service aspect and the overall nature of the club, and happy smiles, laughter and camaraderie were what we took back home. A magnificent day, indeed!

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