A Venture To Enjoy And Renew The Vigour - Board Trip

Club Service Mar 04, 2016

For most of us, our Rotaract journey began the first few days we walked into the university. Rotaract being a familiar name and having heard of the various aspects of it that naturally called to us, we became part of this fraternity.

And some of us were fortunate enough to experience and get the exposure of being at the top hierarchy of the club. Thus giving us the opportunity to direct numerous projects and be the masterminds behind many changes and improvements within the club.

Last December, Rotaract Mora saw the successful completion of one of the humongous projects in the Rotaract calendar,”Are You Ready? 2015″, The Official Careers Fair of the university.

Though in magnitude no other project can outrun this particular project, many other projects of varying scope and sense was organized under the guidance of the Board of Directors led by President Rtr. Amitha.

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21st of February was slightly different from our earlier ventures. Waking up earlier than they usually do, they were all gathered at the campus to head toward a destination. This time it was not for a community service project to help out and reach out to the needy. Early morning ,they were headed towards Udawalawe National Park, for nothing but to enjoy a day out among nature.

The day was spent at the Army Quarters, playing a game of cards and recognizing the inundate skills of our colleagues in the board that we have missed recognizing in the past. In the evening hours, we found our self in a safari through the National Park, enjoying the chit chat and the scenery.

Unexpected thrill was added to the day, when we encountered one of the jeeps of some local visitors stuck in the mud near the lake. The helpful Rotaractors could not leave behind anyone who needed help, however much their cloths were going to get soiled with mud stains. Well they couldn’t say no to a bit of unexpected excitement as well.

The day ended with much memories to reminisce. The next day they were headed to the scenic beach of SriLanka at Mirissa. Hours were spent in the beach, making a raucous that is only manageable by a set of 10 year old children at the beach!

Words cannot bring to light the two days we spent together. The two days managed to strengthen the bonds that were already strong by working together for almost one full year.

Nevertheless the two days managed to give us a much needed respite from our academics and other responsibilities so that we can face all of them again with renewed spirit.

Much appreciation goes to the Directors of Club Service, Rtr. Tharuka and Rtr. Bhanuka for organizing these two days of relaxation.


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