Spirits of Hope: The Faces behind the Forces

Club Service Jan 01, 2016

It has already been 6 full months since these youthful souls took up oaths to make Rotaract Mora proud. Its for them that this post is dedicated to! They are none other than the Board of Directors for the Rotaract year 2015/16. ( yes we have taken up to calling them our very own Spirits of Hope!)

Well for starters they are all very dedicated to their posts that they hold, to their Alma mater, to the community and what not. Yet this post is NOT dedicated to praise their worth and/or work (Well, they surely deserve to be praised, but we will leave that for another day) Rather, this post will enlighten you with some tit bit details of these Rotaractors that might not meet the eye on first encounter. Taking no responsibility for the validity of what ever is said hereafter, read through if you want to know what “friends” say about their friends in the ‘Board”.


  • Rtr. Amitha Bandara Dissanayake – President 2015/16


“He is a cool person with extra care on nature, especially street puppies and wild ponies. Amitha is currently being used as the test subject for one of his colleague’s projects on “Mind Controlled Robot””






  • Rtr. Achini Herath – Secretary 2015/16

11289561_851072424941820_713433805751072155_o“For those not very familiar with her, she is “badminton Achini”. She is someone you’ll hardly find without a racket with her. Be it a meeting, be it a lecture, have no doubt, you can catch a glimpse of a racket peeking out of her backpack! ”





  • Rtr. Madhuri Sondarangalla – Past Secretary

“Known far and wide as the “Patroness of Cats”, she falls into the very special class of Rotaractors who ‘got EVERYTHING through Rotaract’. She also probably sets the record for the Rotaractor with the most number of nicknames.”






  • Rtr. Tharuka Dilshaan – Director of Club Service

11751784_10206984191271556_2902698787322448874_n“Don’t be fooled by the dwarf appearance of Tharuka, as it is just the way he wants you to think. The moment you put your guard down and let yourself be deceived by his innocence, he will strike right at you and after that it will be hard to unglue him from your life! ”





  • Rtr. Dasuni Samarakoon – Director of Community Service      

10560513_818857768163788_6203117910265850739_o“A minion with long legs! Her incredibly pesky personality with innocent looking smile are few things that make her endearing. Wherever she goes, at the end of the day you can expect a selfie on facebook and we at Rotaract are lucky to have such a unique poser! ”







  • Rtr. Chamal Kuruppu – Director of International Understanding

10991600_455142461303245_6247519710943638323_o“Chamal has an army of girls that he commands. If you try teasing him about it, you better be ready to bear his nonstop verbal attack which will eventually make you regret what you just said! All in all, a softie with the height of a giant, he is one of the most reliable Rotaractors!”






  • Rtr. Hiruni Bandara – Co-Editor

11136784_470862236397984_4099022028758299538_n“Her never wavering smile and charming personality along with her tact with writing makes her an indispensable asset for Rotaract Mora. Her quick thinking is a direct result of her affinity for chess boards and let’s accept her down to earth personality as an implication from her long hair almost touching the ground and her talent with art! ”





As the saying goes “Dont Kill the Messenger!” That being said, i repeat, none of us take responsibility for whatever is aforementioned.

Anyhow, with the promise of coming to you with more tit bits about our beloved Board members, let me wrap up this post for today. Feel free to drop by if you have any articles, posts or what not you want to share about anything and everything that concerns Rotaract Mora and its family!


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