The Battle of Mouse Clicks and Keystrokes - E-Sports 2019

Club Service Mar 09, 2019

As told by Rtr. Charith Rajitha

The Old Gym of University of Moratuwa was not the same on Sunday, 17th February. Something special was happening there. Some people were waiting eagerly outside the old gym and some were busily running here and there. But there was something common in all of them. Happiness and energy deep inside their souls were reflecting on their faces. The computer gamers of Rotaract Mora were gathered there towards a common goal. They all were eagerly waiting to grab the precious crown of E-Sports, the annual Gaming Competition, and spread their name within the university.

The event started at about 9.30 am with the warm-up PUBG game with the participation of 96 players. Then the PUBG challenge started and it was indeed a game to remember.

A large crowd gathered towards the big screen which displayed the live feed of the game. All were excited and waiting with anticipation to see the winning team of the PUBG challenge.

After the PUBG challenge, the most remarkable and most attractive part of the day, Call of Duty Multiplayer Tournament began. 9 teams participated at the tournament including the champions of last year, ‘Moratu Yakku’. The tournament was held in two categories as Open and CAST-4. The first place of the Call of Duty challenge in both categories was grabbed by Moratu Yakku for the second consecutive time!

Not only these two events, but also FIFA 19 and NFS Most Wanted intensified the excitement of the players at E-Sports 2019. Most of the girls of Rotaract Mora gathered around the NFS Most Wanted playground and had a lot of fun playing the game and displaying their talents in gaming.

This special day concluded not only with the thrill of gaming but also with a lot of wonderful moments. The day was filled with fun, chatter, excitement, suspense and much more. Almost all the participants could extend their circle of friends. Finally, a day of joy and energy was concluded with delightful memories in the hearts of all participants.

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Hiranya Panawenna

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