Treasure Hunt of The Wizards - Refraction '17

Club Service Mar 19, 2017

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Rtr. Yasas Sanju,

As the first project under the Club Service avenue of Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa for the Rotaract year 2016/17, “Refraction 2017” was held on 4th of February from 9.00 am onward at university premises. Refraction 2017 is a project which mainly focused on a treasure hunt. The main purpose of organizing such a project was to give an idea about the club for the newbies who were willing to become a part of Rotaract Mora. The event also managed to strengthen the bond among the club members of Rotaract Mora family.

In the morning, the event started. After the welcome speech done by Rtr. Amindha Jayasena and Rtr. Sudaraka Jayathilaka, newbies and Rotaract members were devided into four main houses; Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. In this project, there were several main games and mind games. After a main game, competitors had to face another mind game to find the way to the treasure. Main games were organized to enhance the team work effort and to enjoy. Every member of each group had to participate for the main game. After the main game, they all discussed and solved the mind game through which they had to find a clue. The clue was in the form of a QR code. The scanned QR code led to the location of the next game. By completing the main games, they found parts of the map to the treasure. After completing all the games, they could directly access to the treasure. After the treasure hunt is over, lunch was provided to all the participants.

Refraction 2017 was chaired by Rtr. Dulaj Dilshan Balasooriya and Rtr. Yasas Sanju while the event was planned by the committee comprised of Rotaractors from level 2, Rtr. Koumadi Ganepola, Rtr. Naveen Avishka, Rtr. Chathura Senevirathna, Rtr. Bavindi de silva, Rtr. Rusiri Mayadunna, Rtr.Nipuna Malshan, Rtr. Tharani Karunarathna, Rtr. Aruna Jayasena, Rtr. Koumadi Maneesha, Rtr. Isuru Hemantha, Rtr. Chameera Rupasinghe, Rtr. Pasindu Malshan, Rtr. Chathuri Jayaweera, Rtr. Nisal Matharage, Rtr. Monte Buljents and Rtr. Nalaka Gunathilaka. Rtr. Amindha Jayasena and Rtr. Sudaraka Jayathilaka put their maximum effort as Directors of Club Service avenue to make this event a success. Due to the participation of newbies, Refraction 2017 – The treasure hunt concluded successfully.

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